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NOTICE TO THE PROFESSION Housekeeping Updates - June 2016

NOTICE TO THE PROFESSION Two new proceedings - April 28, 2016

NOTICE TO THE PROFESSION Consent Resolution Conference pilot project discontinued, February 25, 2016

The Tribunal Book of Authorities has a new location and format. Click here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE  We are moving to 375 University Avenue, Suite 402 - September 4, 2015

Updates to the Tribunal Website - January 9, 2015

NOTICE TO THE PROFESSION  Summary Order Appeals - New Rule 17 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure, Appeal Division  October 30, 2014

Invitation to Lawyers to Apply for Appointment to the Law Society Tribunal and Member - Position Description  October 6, 2014

NOTICE TO THE PROFESSION  Pre-Hearing Conferences - Amendment to Rule 22 of the Rules of Practice and Procedures  September 24, 2014

NOTICE TO THE PROFESSION  New Scheduling Process - May 2, 2014