Useful Links

Below are several links that may come in handy for lawyers, paralegals or licence applicants appearing before the Tribunal, as well as members of the public and the media.

The Law Society of Ontario’s website features plenty of information for licensees and licence applicants as well as the public. Particularly relevant may be the Lawyer/Paralegal Directory, the Member Assistance Program, and the Complaints Department.

The Advocates’ Society administers the Tribunal’s duty counsel program for hearings.

All Tribunal decisions can be found on the Canadian Legal Information Institute’s website.

Transcripts of most Tribunal hearings can be purchased directly through our court reporting service.

For hearings after January 1, 2018

For hearings before January 1, 2018

Parties who wish to appeal Tribunal Appeal Division decisions can usually appeal to the Divisional Court. Some kinds of cases require a judicial review to challenge the decision. More information can be found on the Court’s website.