Case Documents

Notices, orders, and reasons from Tribunal proceedings

The Tribunal posts a variety of kinds of documents to its website. Scroll down to browse through them.


Notices initiate a proceeding before the Tribunal, and in most cases lay out the applicant or appellant’s allegations. There are a variety of kinds of notices, including notices of application, notices of motion, notice of referral for a hearing or notices of appeal. Once the matter is closed, the Tribunal removes all related notices from its website.


The Tribunal publishes orders that end a proceeding, affect the status of a licensee, or determine some other significant matter. Orders can be made at any stage of the proceeding; however, an order is always issued at the end of the proceeding.


The panel that decides each matter can either write or orally issue orally its reasons for decision. The reasons are usually not released until several months after the end of the hearing.

Name Licensee
Date Filed
Document Type
Michael Andrew Weinczok Michael Andrew Weinczok Lawyer Conduct Vancouver BC 06/04/2020 Order
Remy G. Boghossian Remy G. Boghossian Lawyer Conduct Ajax 06/04/2020 Reasons
Brandon Keven Rooney Brandon Keven Rooney Lawyer Motion to Vary or Cancel Interlocutory Order Stratford 03/04/2020 Reasons
Claudio Martini Claudio Martini Lawyer Conduct Windsor 03/04/2020 Notice
Wallace Robert Crowe Wallace Robert Crowe Lawyer Conduct Fort Frances 01/04/2020 Reasons
Sandy Alexander Zaitzeff Sandy Alexander Zaitzeff Lawyer Conduct Thunder Bay 01/04/2020 Notice
Kwok Keung Ngan Kwok Keung Ngan Lawyer Conduct Toronto 31/03/2020 Reasons
Jamie John Patrick Thompson Jamie John Patrick Thompson Lawyer Conduct Toronto 31/03/2020 Reasons
Leon Stanley Wickham Leon Stanley Wickham Lawyer Conduct Richmond Hill 30/03/2020 Reasons
Valérie Thérèse Beauchamp Valérie Thérèse Beauchamp Lawyer Licensing Toronto 26/03/2020 Order