Case Documents

Notices, orders, and reasons from Tribunal proceedings

The Tribunal posts a variety of kinds of documents to its website. These documents have been reformatted for web-viewing. To obtain original PDFs, please contact


Notices initiate a proceeding before the Tribunal, and in most cases lay out the applicant or appellant’s allegations. There are a variety of kinds of notices, including notices of application, notices of motion, notice of referral for a hearing or notices of appeal. Once the matter is closed, the Tribunal removes all related notices from its website.


The Tribunal publishes orders that end a proceeding, affect the status of a licensee, or determine some other significant matter. Orders can be made at any stage of the proceeding; however, an order is always issued at the end of the proceeding.


The panel that decides each matter can either write or orally issue its reasons for decision. The reasons are usually not released until several months after the end of the hearing.

Name Licensee
Date Filed
Document Type
Salim Abdulrasul Kanji Salim Abdulrasul Kanji Lawyer Conduct Markham 26/03/2002 Order
Jeffery Howard Burns Jeffery Howard Burns Lawyer Undefined Miami, FL 15/03/2002 Order
Helena Maria Fernandez Helena Maria Fernandez Lawyer Undefined Toronto 14/03/2002 Order
Colm Joseph Brannigan Colm Joseph Brannigan Lawyer Undefined Brampton 26/02/2002 Order
Mark Ofosu Addo Mark Ofosu Addo Lawyer Conduct Mississauga 15/02/2002 Reasons
Roland Errol Thomas Henderson Roland Errol Thomas Henderson Lawyer Conduct Woodbridge 13/02/2002 Reasons
David Warner Climenhage David Warner Climenhage Lawyer Undefined Thunder Bay 05/02/2002 Order
Richard Llewellyn Richard Llewellyn Lawyer Undefined Pembroke 29/01/2002 Order
Karen Lea Crozier Karen Lea Crozier Lawyer Conduct Toronto 24/01/2002 Reasons
Thomas Michel Hicks Thomas Michel Hicks Lawyer Conduct Toronto 10/01/2002 Order