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All Tribunal hearings and summary hearings scheduled within the next 90 days are posted on our website.

Hearings are open to the public, unless the Tribunal has ordered otherwise. For more information on visiting a Tribunal hearing, you can read the guide here.

Until further notice, all Tribunal hearings will be heard by Zoom videoconference. For details about a particular hearing, including videoconference links and instructions, contact the Tribunal Office at 416-947-5249 or tribunal@lso.ca.

Members of the public who plan to attend a Zoom hearing should log in at least five minutes early; attendees who log in after the hearing has started will have to wait until the first break to be admitted.

The Tribunal has created a guide to Zoom protocols, for reference. If you are a party to a Tribunal proceeding, or plan to attend a proceeding, please read the Zoom Guide here.

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Name Licensee
Date Filed
to be heard
Rhonda Fleming 12/08/2022
01:00 pm
Rhonda Fleming Paralegal Conduct Merrickville-Wolford 08/08/2019 Notice
Gabriella Varsha Deokaran 15/08/2022
10:00 am
Gabriella Varsha Deokaran Lawyer Appeal by the Licensee or Licence Applicant Peel 18/05/2022 Notice
Steven Donald Bezaire 16/08/2022
10:00 am
Steven Donald Bezaire Lawyer Conduct Windsor 21/10/2021 Notice
Jason Michael Ramsay 17/08/2022
10:00 am
Jason Michael Ramsay Paralegal Conduct Toronto 24/02/2022 Notice
Antoine Kheir 18/08/2022
10:00 am
Antoine Kheir Paralegal Conduct North York 03/02/2021 Notice
Joshua Jaisimha David 19/08/2022
01:30 pm
Joshua Jaisimha David Lawyer Conduct Mississauga 27/06/2022 Notice
James Jeffrey Bush 22/08/2022
10:00 am
James Jeffrey Bush Paralegal Conduct Richmond Hill 29/10/2021 Notice
Motion; Being heard with 22H-049
Matthew Adam Beau-Thane Carson 24/08/2022
10:00 am
Matthew Adam Beau-Thane Carson Lawyer Conduct Hamilton 20/10/2021 Notice
Deborah Anne Humphreys 29/08/2022
10:00 am
Deborah Anne Humphreys Lawyer Interlocutory Suspension or Restriction Thunder Bay 20/07/2022 Notice
Deborah Anne Humphreys 30/08/2022
10:00 am
Deborah Anne Humphreys Lawyer Interlocutory Suspension or Restriction Thunder Bay 20/07/2022 Notice